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are our focus.


are our business.


are the reason we do what we do.

We take the time to get to know each one of our advisors and agents, their respective clients and their practice. We do this at Elite Advisors Edge in order to provide you with the preferred manner of support and resources you may need from our multitude of options.

New To The Industry? No Problem

SCENARIO 1: You are a newly licensed insurance agent with high ambition and a newly established practice. Things are going well for the first little while but with no new clients and lack of marketing & products to excite potential candidates, you are now at somewhat of a stalemate just months, or possibly years in.

Here’s What We Do:

  • Discuss & assess your practice, goals, etc., possibly creating or improving your business plan.
  • Provide you with every top of the line insurance product spanning across Life, Annuities, & Long-term care, that you will need and educating you on said products.
  • Provide, create, & implement Marketing strategies (digital & print) custom tailored to your market, assuring the right pain points are touched on or made salient so the client cannot help but reach out to you.
  • Provide you with constant and consistent support when or once clients are in the door by performing extensive case design on life & annuity products, explanation of those options to you, and supplying you with all client-facing materials in order to close the sale the first time.
  • Increase your revenue & profits.

Experienced Advisor? We Can Help

SCENARIO 2: You are an experienced advisor with a good amount of affluent clients and several years in the business. You have a couple of existing insurance relationships that are not quite servicing and attending to your needs as quickly as you deserve.

Here’s What We Do:

  • Discuss & assess your practice, goals, etc., and see where and how we can improve areas that need it, without stepping on any toes or effecting any existing relationship you may have.
  • Implement and educate you on strategies or markets that you may not have known about or paid attention to in the past. Often times incorporating small business plans, buy-sells, split-dollar agreements, Leverage Financing, et al.
  • With new knowledge, you realize the untapped market of small business owners and entrepreneurs that you already have available – We then market and target those clients strategically and specifically for you.
  • You walk in the door with a new and exciting conversation to have – closing a seven-figure case by the time you walk out.

Own an Independent Insurance Agency?

SCENARIO 3: You are the owner of a large, independent insurance agency with a down-line focusing on the health care market and an itch to take the agency to new levels.

Here’s What We Do:

  • Discuss & assess your agency, goals, etc., and offer some new avenues that we have concluded would take your agency to new heights.
  • We provide top proprietary relationships; contracting and appointing for all agents for annuities & life that are already licensed and we assist those in the down line in getting theirs, if needed.
  • We educate, train, visit, and do everything in our power to make sure all of your agents, whether that is 5 or 500, are as confident as can be when approaching a Health client with a specific Annuity or Life Insurance option.
  • Provide continuous and ongoing educational tools, sales tools, technological resources, and support to your agency, so your agents and you are always ahead of the game.

Independent Agent for a Local Agency?

SCENARIO 4: You are an independent agent belonging to a local insurance agency focusing on P&C, Home & Auto. With many colleagues of yours mentioning the mutual upside of providing your clients with Life Insurance & Annuity options on top of what you already provide, you cannot help but do some research, later stumbling upon Elite Advisors Edge.

Here’s What We Do:

  • Thank you for the opportunity and assist you in presenting the idea and solutions that we can provide to your principal, at the agency.
  • Once in agreement, we begin the process of getting those agents Life licensed that are not and educating said agents on the fundamentals of Life Insurance & Annuities. We take our time and provide constant resources to help change your thoughts from Personal Lines to Retirement Planning as an agent, walking with those who need it, gradually and acting as a mere safety net for those who are ready and confident.
  • Our marketing partner works with the agency to develop new, salient marketing campaigns assuring you capture all existing clients while garnering new clientele on a consistent basis.
  • Perpetual development ensures as we form a long lasting, lucrative relationship between EAEdge and aforementioned agency.

Can’t Relate? We’re Up For The Challenge

While the above-mentioned are common scenarios we come across, we are aware that they are not every scenario. That said, with our combined experience at Elite Advisors Edge, there is few scenarios we have yet to see and even fewer scenarios that we cannot improve. Regardless of your role, your focus, or your title – if you think you are an exception to that, we invite you to contact us as we welcome the challenge.

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