Clients can save some or all of the life insurance benefit for their beneficiaries, but they can also leverage multiple options to access cash value they have accumulated.

This Maximum cash accumulation IUL delivers a number of options clients can use to access cash for any purpose:

  • Supplementing retirement income
  • Covering healthcare expenses
  • Starting a business
  • College or wedding expenses
  • Funding vacations
  • Creating emergency resources

Funds can be disbursed through a variety of access points. Some are built-in. Some are optional. Some must be elected at the time of purchase.

  • Policy owner disbursements: Policy loans & withdrawals, Income for Life Rider, Accelerated Benefit Riders, Accelerated Access Solution Rider
  • Beneficiary disbursements: Lump sum death benefit

About The Agile Underwriting+

Fewer requirements mean faster submission

Agile Underwriting+ (AU+) is a streamlined underwriting process that provides a fast and convenient path from submission to approval. The majority of AU+ applications can proceed without an exam.

Applications with ages 59 and under and face amount up to $2 million will start with the AU+ process and default to the tele-interview, regardless of rate class. AU+ also provides the flexibility for an agent-completed Part B on some cases.

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Don’t forget to ask us about the 20% commission bonus!

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For producer use only. Any examples of future values used in a sales presentation are provided only for demonstrative purposes. This product does not directly participate in any stock or equity investments. Refer to your Benefits Summary & Disclosure Statement, as well as your contract, for the governing contractual provisions.

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