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Life Insurance

Evolution of Life Insurance

These are not the days of old where Life Insurance is only for leaving your legacy. Life insurance is a powerful tool for an advisor to use with their clients to achieve many diverse goals including protecting families, creating tax-free retirement income, providing for future healthcare, maximizing legacies, as well as a bevy of other advantages & options that we would love to elaborate on.

Similar to Annuities, the Life Insurance Market has evolved far beyond what the above definition describes. An array of options including WL, Term, IUL, FIUL, GUL, et al., has made the Life Insurance Market much broader and applicable to virtually every consumer out there and we want to help you capture them.

Underutilized & Misunderstood

Being a non-correlating asset class, we are able to help our advisors take their life insurance business to a new level targeting virtually untapped markets with Billions of dollars waiting to be captured.

Along with our carriers and strategic partners, we assist advisors in becoming familiar with Small Business Plans, Defined Benefit Plans, Premium & Leverage Financing, Buy-Sell Agreements, Split-Dollar Plans; you name it – so there is never a client in front of you that you cannot help.

Life Insurane 2.0

Our support services extend well beyond those of typical back-offices because we internalized many processes to make them the most efficient and expedient for you and your clients. We illustrate and return quotes in less than 24 hours, we order the medical histories, schedule the paramed examinations, scrub the apps, perform suitability, and directly shop underwriting for you and your client, avoiding countless headaches, eliminating mistakes, and ultimately best ensuring issuance.