Make Sure You’re Prepared to Take Advantage Of The BIGGEST Month for Bank CDs Renewals With Great MYGA Options

What’s Included in our MYGA vs Bank CD Marketing Collateral Package

Custom Branded Explainer Video:

“The Top 6 MYGA Benefits vs Traditional Bank CDs”

Custom Branded Guide book:

“Multi Year Gurantee Annuities… Are They Right For You?”

Access to Amazing Products and Carriers

2, 3, or 5 year MYGAs paying between 2 and 3.1%

(Rates are subject to change – contact us for most up to date)

How can this MYGA vs Bank CDs Marketing Package help your practice be successful?

✅ Display them on your website

✅ Sending them in an email campaign

✅ Present it during client meetings

✅ Post them across your Social Media

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