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Annuity Analysis

While the annuity market may seem like a foreign language to some, we assure you that will not be the case for long. Our commitment to make available the widest product mix in the fixed space is apparent in the sheer breadth of our annuity options that we offer.

However, access alone is of little value, and our advisors understand this. They choose to work with us because of our unlimited white-glove support and our dedicated efficiency to our agents; a commitment we will not let waiver. The resources and toolbox available to our agents, including software access to Annuity Rate Watch and many things thereafter, make life easy for our agents. We strategically educate and implement annuity options for you and your clients, whether it be the best-guaranteed lifetime income option we are seeking, or simply the most advantageous accumulation play; we have the top options readily available. Our unbiased and independent stance allows us to work with agents from concept to case design to completion of the sale – providing assistance and guidance whenever requested.

Annuity Basics

Annuities are more often than not an appropriate and integral piece to your client’s retirement plan, contradictory to what you may often see via the internet these days. We are here to separate fact from the fiction as we educate & assist you, in order for you to get your clients into the highest rated, most suitable and advantageous annuity possible.

Like many facets of the Insurance Industry, the Annuity space is constantly evolving with new and improved products hitting the market seemingly every day from different carriers. Ask many advisors & agents, especially those whose focus is elsewhere, or those who view annuities as simply a safe money addition to their client’s portfolio; it is difficult to stay up to date with the changing tides. Thankfully, for our agents, we have that covered. Extensive due diligence, proprietary relationships, and an anomalous enthusiasm for Annuities allows us to propel our agents to the forefront of the annuity market – and keep them there.